Spider Control Services

Common spiders in and out of your home can be controlled with routine pest control.  Glue boards and a thorough treatment inside will help control these invaders.  On the outside of the home we spray the foundation and available eaves of the home to help keep the spiders away and reduce spider webs on the exterior.

Brown Recluse are common spiders in Kansas, they also pose the greatest danger of adverse  physical reactions to humans.  These spiders can be controlled with routine and consistent treatments inside and outside your home.  Give us a call and we can discuss your individual needs in controlling spiders.



Complete inspection before during and after each treatment.


Eliminating the current problems as well as preventing future concerns.


Using the best products available to protect your space from what bugs you.


Monthly, Quarterly or single treatments are available to meet your specific needs.

Wheatland Pest Control – We have been in business in the Topeka area since 1993 consistently voted among the best of Topeka for pest control.  Locally owned and operated  for over 20 years.  For reliable pest control services, trust Wheatland Pest Control.

We offer professional pest control services to the Topeka, KS area we are fully licensed and insured. With our reliable and dependable staff, we get rid of those pests now and years to come.

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